Sunday, May 6, 2012



“Strong men also cry.’’ It’s not just an eminently quotable line from “The Big Lebowski,’’ it’s the sentiment at the hard heart of the urban Americana on the second full-length from Boston’s Movers & Shakers. Tales of romantic woe come packaged with the accouterments of the modern rambling cowboy here - pedal steel, organs, accordion, three-part harmonies, and horns bundled together with the ol’ proverbial dusty-road aesthetic. On songs like “Fallen From Grace,’’ guitarist and vocalist Matt Price strains toward an understanding of a messy relationship, shifting from a downtrodden verse to an achingly self-reassuring chorus. It’s depressingly hopeful. There are no literal dusty roads in Boston, but concerns of geography are irrelevant as lovelorn bar-rock anthems like “Just Lonely Souls,’’ the Westerbergian “The Sun Won’t Show Its Face Anymore,’’ and the meandering harmonica and finger-picked plea of “Lay Down With Me’’ bring the settler’s camp to you. We’ve all got dusty roads in our hearts anyway - even the strong men.

ESSENTIAL “Fallen From Grace’’

Movers & Shakers play a record release party with Viva Viva at the Middle East Upstairs on Nov. 10.


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