Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Fix: New York Sour Cocktail At Market

For whiskey novices taking the first plunge into the woody realm of the finer brown spirits, a whiskey sour is an easy gateway cocktail. Eventually you'll want to scale back the citrus and let the whiskey assert itself more, but every now and again a sour-riffing cocktail comes along with such a fresh citrus blast that it throws that logic in reverse. That's true of the New York Sour at Market at the W Hotel, where the addition of a dry red wine, in this case a malbec, pulls it back from meandering into acid-overload. 


General manager Marcus Palmer says they happened across the recipe while experimenting with a bourbon-based sangria. "We found it worked well with certain red wines, so we came up with a drink that appealed to both men and women, bourbon drinkers and wine drinkers."

The character of the cocktail will change depending on which angle you approach it from.

"Because we float the malbec on top, if you drink it with a straw from the bottom, you get more bourbon, and the lemon juice accentuates the lemon and floral flavors of the
Maker's Mark," he says. "Drink it more from the top and you get the malbec influence, acidity and tannins, but with a hint of sweetness from the bourbon that also gives it a little heat. Mix it together with the orange garnish and then you get yet another drink, a slightly fruit-forward mix of lemon zest and vanilla with the body and floral notes of bourbon, sans any burn, and the finish of dry red wine."

New York Sour


1.75 oz Maker's Mark
.75 oz fresh lemon juice
.75 oz simple syrup
.5 oz malbec


Pour all ingredients except wine into a shaker over ice. Shake well for up to 10 seconds. Strain over new ice into a rocks glass. Float red wine on top, and garnish with an orange.

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