Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flowers and chocolate? Bring on the booze!

Erin Baldassari

Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is like going out to a bar on St. Patrick’s Day — except instead of pretending to be Irish for the day, everyone is compelled to pretend they’re in love. Since I know everyone’s going to go out anyway, how about this: skip dinner with your date and just go have a few cocktails at the bar. For established couples, it lowers the expectations for fairytale romance; and for newer ones, there are fewer potentially awkward moments and a more social environment will take the pressure off. Every restaurant around the city is doing special Valentine’s menus, and a few bars are serving Valentine’s cocktails as well.

Bistro du Midi
272 Boylston St., Boston
“Clouded Judgment is suited for Anti-Valentine’s Day, due to the inclusion of tequila, which always loosens inhibitions, lubricates conversation, and creates a scene of fun and frivolity,” says Bistro du Midi general manager Doss Posey. “Coco is suited for Valentine’s Day due to its bright red color and its sweet taste. Named after a flower, with an homage to the grand dame of fashion [Coco Chanel], this cocktail is perfect for our lady patrons.”

What’s in the drinks?
» Clouded Judgment: Lemon-lavender-infused tequila, St. Germain, Pernod, lemon juice,     Crème de Violette
» Coco: Vodka, Lilet Rouge, lemon juice, simple syrup

Union Bar and Grille
1357 Washington St., Boston; 617-423-0555
“The Sweet Heat is a lot like love,” says Union Bar and Grille bartender Kristina Hoffman. “The rich chocolaty Crème de Cacao feels like a warm, comforting embrace, while the chili-infused syrup gives you a kick of spice and excitement.”

What’s in the drinks?
» Sweet Heat: Crème de Cacao, chili-infused simple syrup, vanilla vodka, mole bitters
» The Passion: Bourbon, Applejack, passion fruit nectar, grenadine, orange flower water, edible flower garnish

50 Park Plaza, Boston
“On Valentine’s Day, we try to cater to everyone — singles and couples alike,” says Pairings bartender Matt Giarnese. “In the spirit of that, we are also catering to both ‘sinners’ and ‘saints.’ The Purist is a sweet, balanced mix of Pearl Plum vodka and St. Germain that has an ethereal appearance. The Seducer is a bold red color, mixing in some fruit with a hint of effervescence to give an added kick.”

What’s in the drinks?
» The Purist: Pearl Plum vodka, St. Germain, sour mix The Seducer: Stoli Strawberry, pineapple, cranberry, Sprite

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