Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dom | Sun Bronzed Greek Gods’

Massachusetts has had a pretty good run setting the indie agenda lately. We are only now feeling the full effect of the Passion Pit factor, as a wave of full-on sound-alikes crawl out from under their kaleidoscope shadow. Next up is Worcester’s Dom, likely to be our biggest musical export this year. With its high-pitched male vocals, janky Casio riffs, and grimy bass buzz, “Living in America’’ might trick you into lumping the burgeoning band in with that lot. That would be a mistake. The seven songs on this EP, now being re-released onto the bigger stage through Astralwerks, are the epitome of the predominant contemporary mercurialism, where lo-fi electronic retro-futurism meets psyched-out garage. Some songs even clash with themselves — “Bochicha’’ sounds like it was recorded in a dingy apartment just steps away from a gorgeous, roaring surf. The record is an alternate universe timeline in which a teenage Kurt Cobain — whom band frontman Dom resembles in his neon dishevelment — had grown up on a steady diet of party rap and new wave, sometimes literally, as on the band’s recent remix collaboration with rapper Gucci Mane. Cannot wait to hear what the rip-offs three years from now sound like.

Boston Globe

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