Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ask Men Boston list of the week


Craigie on Main

Why? Four cocktails in one? Sold.

At serious cocktail bars, sometimes narrowing down your choices from the menu can be difficult. Should you try the Conquistador Collins made with Oloroso sherry, rhubarb and lemon or the Jupiter's Acorn with Barbancourt 15-year-old rum, Nux Alpine Walnut liqueur, Benedictine, and egg white?

Since you don't want to try five or six in one go -- seriously, don't do that -- options like their Craigie Cocktail Whim option, where they choose four mini-cocktails balanced from light to heavy, cut out the indecision. Trust your bartender.

Photo: Michael Piazza/Craigie on Main

Craigie on Main
853 Main St., Cambridge
PHONE: 617-497-5511



Why? Because this is one of the world's great cuisines.

Being a historic crossroads of sorts, Turkey has a a rich tradition of pulling various cuisines from its neighboring Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries into its fold. Everyone has had a kebab of course, but that's just scratching the surface. The country's culinary flexibility is on display on the menu at this newest entree into the expanding Inman Square dining mecca. Dishes like vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, eggplant stew, mashed potato-stuffed meatballs, and panfried calf liver are just a few examples. Consider your stomach's application for its culinary passport granted.

1164 Cambridge St., Cambridge
PHONE: 617-945-2730


American Provisions

Why? It's a lot easier to look sophisticated when you're serving the right ingredients.
It's not your dad's Southie anymore. Need any further evidence of that? Consider the recent opening of American Provisions, a shop dedicated to farm-to-table staples like artisan breads, house-cured meats and domestic cheeses. Southie has always been kind of a throwback neighborhood, but not this far back. The artisanal grocery approach hear harkens back to a time when eating locally wasn't just a stylish option; it was the only option. Tap into that tradition when you're having friends over for the game this weekend. Velveeta and packaged pepperonis aren't going to cut it.

American Provisions
613 East Broadway, South Boston
PHONE: 617-752-4561

Restaurant of the week

Winter Comfort at Jacky's Table

Why? Because Brighton is finally showing up on the culinary map.
The latest entree from the people behind the expanding Petit Robert Bistro brand opened a little while back, and to entice you to come out to Brighton (or is it to stop you from traveling over to the South End?). they're offering a reasonably priced three-course menu at lunch and dinner. Mondays through Thursdays. Options include both hearty and delicate cuisine, like French onion soup with cheesy croutons, coq au vin and moules frites, all for $19.95. Wait, is this restaurant in Brighton or in 1953?

Jacky's Table
1414 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton
PHONE: 617-274-8687


Foundry On Elm

Why? Because they'll walk you through it.

At this Davis Square hotspot there are 24 taps, 30 or so bottles and another 10 rotating casks, drafts or bottled choices on any given night. That can be a bit overwhelming when they're beers you've never tried before, but the menu here does a good job of giving you the profile. For example, the Verhaeghe Duchesse de Bourgogne is 12 oz, 6.2% alcohol by volume and from Vichte, Belgium. Its style is a Flemish Red with sour cherries and mulch on the nose with a subtle sour palate. We feel smarter already. Drunker too.

Foundry on Elm
255 Elm St., Somerville
PHONE: 617-628-9999

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