Friday, December 10, 2010

MP3 of the Week: Bearstronaut "Moniker"

Pity that the Boston Music Awards nominations were announced late last month, just before the release of this track from Lowell electro-punk quartet BEARSTRONAUT — they could’ve been a contender. Even more so because they seem to have ditched the punk half of the genre niche on this almost six-minute-long excursion through dance-floor euphoria, where they trade attitude and the imperfections of jittery rock angles for a washy synth sheen. Further proof that the young band are figuring this shit out on the fly: at the 3:25 mark, the track flips the script from electronic to almost straight disco pop, packing two songs’ worth of material into one. Last year’s Broken Handclaps showed that Bearstronaut had ideas, but if “Moniker” is any indication, they’ve now figured out how to implement them. Grab the MP3 below. DOWNLOAD

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