Monday, November 15, 2010

Double Date: Eat Your Heart Out Boston

You Can Be A Wesley

There are rock clubs where you can get something to eat before the show, and there are restaurants that feature live bands, but if you want really good helpings of both at the same time, you usually have to trek to two separate locations. On Sunday, Eat Your Heart Out Boston saves you the trouble, bringing the best of both worlds together under one roof.

Now in its third year, the event is expanding with a move to the larger environs of the Paradise Rock Club. The idea behind it is simple: bring together a lineup of top-notch musical and culinary talent, get the crowd fed, then get them out on the floor.

Tim Wiechmann, chef and owner of T.W. Food in Cambridge, is doing double duty this year, first cooking, then strapping on his guitar to perform with his friends in the soul and blues duo Dwight & Nicole. Joining him on the culinary side will be chefs from some of the area’s more notable restaurants, including Lineage, Hungry Mother, Island Creek Oyster Bar, Coppa, Sel de la Terre, and more. The music lineup is equally impressive and representative of local talent, with acts Magic Magic, You Can Be a Wesley, and Brenda set to perform.

“Personally, it involves my two favorite things: food and music,’’ says Wiechmann. “I always like to bring the two things together. The customers love it. It’s tons of good chefs and a bunch of good bands.’’

The event is basically an extension of the type of backyard barbecues he used to throw for his friends where he’d do all the cooking, then break out the guitar, he says. “I’d throw a big party, cooks would come, musicians would come. This is like a much larger, professional version of that. It’s so popular because it’s like entertaining people from A to Z.’’

The Boston indie-pop outfit You Can Be a Wesley is returning for another go this year as well. The marriage of arts makes sense here, the band’s Saara Untracht-Oakner says. “Chefs and musicians create something from nothing for people’s enjoyment. Yeah, we create music for ourselves because if we didn’t we would probably go crazy, but we’re making records and playing shows because we want other people to enjoy it as much as we do. That seems like the only logical reason chefs would make food too.’’

That’s only part of the reason she’s excited about the event, though. Bands, as you probably can guess, don’t normally subsist on the best of diets. “This is the best dinner most of us will have all year besides Thanksgiving,’’ Untracht-Oakner says. Most of the people in attendance will probably be able to say the same.

Eat Your Heart Out Boston is Sunday.. Tasting 6 p.m.; music 8 p.m. $35. Paradise Rock Club, 967 Commonwealth Ave., Boston.

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