Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursty: The Gallows


The Gallows: A really cool place to hang

With a name like The Gallows, you might expect this new South End gastro-pub to take on a gothic tenor. Some aesthetic touches here do hint at the horrific, like torso statues, a raven over the bar and ferocious dinosaur taxidermy.  Wooden slats running across the ceiling are splashed with vectors of luminescence from dangling wicker-wrapped filaments and Edison bulbs. But the soundtrack is more incongruous party rap than gloomy, and the menu is all about playful interpretations of comfort food; you won’t find corn dogs, poutine and soft-serve ice cream on many menus in the precious, candle-lit South End.  And the drinks menu lists Diet Bud among the beer options.  

“We have some humor as well,” says owner Rebecca Roth. “We serve Natty Light 22’s and Boone’s Farm Watermelon because that’s what I drank in high school.” 

The cocktail list winks at the ghastly though, with options like the Tar and Feather — made with Rain vodka, Cherry Heering, black tea and ginger — and classics like the Corpse Reviver, made with ingredients like Plymouth gin, Absinthe and Cointreau. If that’s all too frightening, consider The Healer, made with Old Overholt rye, mead, lemon and honey. 

“Mead was like the original alcohol,” says Roth. “It soothes your soul.”
What she’s having
“We’re not mixologists here,” Roth says. “That’s not what we do. We just try to rock out and keep our heads down.”  They realize drinking is supposed to be fun. Cocktails like their White Grasshopper, made with Svedka Vanilla, mint syrup and crème de cocoa, are served in cute, 8 oz. milk bottles from the 1930s. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” she says.

The Gallows
1395 Washington St., Boston

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