Monday, July 5, 2010

Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters

Night Work

It’s common knowledge that we in the liberal media have an indoctrination plan in works to brainwash the nation’s children into a hedonistic subculture. It begins with exposure to Justin Bieber and progresses on to advanced-level Kylie worship. Somewhere in the creamy middle comes New York City’s effortlessly chic party band Scissor Sisters. Actually, that effortless description isn’t entirely accurate: These disco-funk fashion icons put in some serious work to make you move. Updating the neon-glow falsetto and disco-push of the Bee Gees (as on “Any Which Way’’) still proves the band’s go-to move, but they expand their approach on “Night Work’’ into an overarching orgy of ’80s pop-quoting. The title track’s pulsing bass synths and guitar crunch invite Duran Duran back to the after party; “Harder You Get’’ marries a glam-rock gang vocal with a Frankie Goes to Hollywood cadence; and “Night Life’’ employs a quirky Devo staccato. The robotic newwave of “Running Out’’ even lifts a bit of its riffing from the Cult. It’s hard work keeping track of all the Scissor Sisters’ references, but dancing to them certainly won’t be. (Out now) 

ESSENTIAL ’’Any Which Way’’

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