Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holy Ghost

Static on the Wire
DFA Records

Did I miss the release of a “my hipstamatic dance band” app for the iPhone in the past year or so? Seems like it would be more surprising to hear a band that wasn't toggling between the glittery disco ball spectrum of late seventies disco and the washed-out tint of eighties new wave these days am I right? Just listening to this four song EP from DFA vets Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser makes my septum itchy. Its blend of New Order-style analog synth drifts, singalong hooks and mint guitar licks over stone-washed grooves is like the soundtrack to your twenty year old dad fingering bitches outside the powder room. But there's a reason why this type of burnt-siena-hued disco-pop is still so viable when it's done right, and that reason is called dancing your tits off. This widely anticipated release from the New York remix heroes (MGMT, Cut Copy, Phoenix, LCD Soundsystem et al ) proves tomorrow's electronic music can lean back into a killer groove without having to hit you over the head with its jacked-up, techno-douche dance hammer. Think of it as a natural segue into your daily scheduled Chromeo aerobics, but without the shit-eating grin. 

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