Friday, July 2, 2010

Double Date: Pulling it all together


For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, on the moon, and, yes, without any Wi-Fi access for the past two years, the biggest star in the world at the moment is an ’80s-dance-pop-fetishizing, abstract-couture-wearing, celebrity-tweaking fame monster.

For the rest of us terrestrial types, that artist, Lady Gaga, responsible for commandeering large swaths of our collective popular imagination with insidiously irresistible hits like “Telephone,’’ “Bad Romance,’’ and “Poker Face,’’ will descend upon the city tonight like a surrealist pop demi-goddess with her haunted traveling circus “The Monster Ball.’’
The excitement is in air quotes, sure, but then again, everything else about Gaga is, too. Her penchant for repurposing iconic moments of pop and art history and rebranding them for the Internet Age is well-documented. Music-wise the comparisons to fashion heroes like Madonna and David Bowie come easy, but they’re conjoined with such a playfully omnivorous appetite for culture, art, fashion, film, and sex that it’s nearly impossible to avoid her sparkling gravitational pull.
Reverberations of her own swishy influence have become hard to miss as well; a quick YouTube search will reveal hundreds of inspired, and “inspired,’’ cover versions by everyone from classical musicians to toddlers, comedians, and lesser music lights trying to glean some of her shine. In other words, Gaga inspires as much as she embodies the concept of inspiration.
Lady Gaga, 8 p.m. $49.50 - $175. TD Garden.
Going to the show? One way to drink in that inspiration, literally speaking, is by dancing over to nearby Prezza in the North End for its “Poker Face’’ cocktail made with jalapeno-infused St. Germain, tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. “You take a look at the ingredients on paper and think they will never come together successfully, but, like Gaga, they miraculously pull it off,’’ says chef and owner Anthony Caturano. “There are all these disjointed parts that, against all odds, work together. The jalapeno-infused St. Germain brings the right amount of ‘hot’ to the drink, something Gaga always seems to try and incorporate with her performances and in everyday life.’’
In a former personality incarnation, the onetime Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta might appreciate this favorite Italian restaurant. “With Gaga being of Italian heritage, I think she’d enjoy Prezza. It has strong Italian influences, but, like Gaga, it isn’t as traditional as some of the other restaurants in the area.’’ If Gaga were to stop by, she might consider a more practical footwear choice than what she’s known for though. Those cobblestone North End streets aren’t easy to navigate. Caturano says they don’t usually get customers in modern art-inspired spacesuits from the future dining there, but with Gaga, anything is possible.
Prezza, 24 Fleet St., Boston, 617-227-1577,

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