Friday, May 28, 2010

Carrie on, in style

Before or after catching the new ‘Sex and the City’ movie toast the night with some specially designed cocktails

Recession? What recession? Reviewers may be panning it, but the release of “Sex and the City 2’’ this week will undoubtedly bring out the Cosmo-swilling, Jimmy Choo-wearing fans of the former, long-running HBO show that spawned the first movie back in 2008. As much as the show is about clothes and shoes, though, it’s also about friendship and laughter and bonding with the ladies. At least that’s what my girlfriend tells me. I watch shows about trucks and fighting, and trucks that fight.
While “Sex and the City’’ had an impact on big chunks of American culture, from sexual mores to fashion to the way we think about the modern city, one of the biggest areas of influence came in its devotion to the beauty, and utility, of a good cocktail.

The Cosmo and the Appletini seem démodé by now, but for better or worse, Carrie’s drinks of choice introduced the idea of fun cocktails to a whole generation of women and (admit it) men. “Sex and the City 2’’ will be playing all over, so stop in to one of these bars before or after for cocktails designed specifically to celebrate the movie.

Cafe Escadrille has four champagne cocktails made for each of the main characters, like The Fashionista (Moët Imperial Rosé, pomegranate juice, pink rose petal garnish, $9). “The pomegranate makes this drink a sort of a cousin to the Cosmo, which Carrie made famous during the TV show years,’’ says bartender Mike Overlan. “Carrie is famous for accessorizing her outfits, so a drink in her name couldn’t go without, hence the rose petal.’’

At Burton’s Grill they’re featuring four character-specific cocktails as well, including The Samantha (vodka infused with cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, $9) and The Miranda (raspberry vodka, Chambord and fresh raspberries, $9).

And since you’re probably going to want something to snack on with cocktails like The Cherry Tart (Orchard Cherries, orange liqueur, Spanish sparkling wine, mint, and amarena cherry, $10, pictured) Church is offering an appetizer sampler for $10 and a free dessert with your movie ticket. “When thinking of ‘Sex and the City,’ I immediately think of the strong characters, so I wanted to create four distinctive drinks with strength and fragility intertwined with humor and heartache,’’ says bartender Josh Eaker. Strong characters are good. Strong cocktails with character — better.

Cafe Escadrille, 26 Cambridge St., Burlington. 781-273-1916. Burtons Grill, 1363 Boylston St., Boston. 617-236-2236. Church, 69 Kilmarnock St., Boston. 617-236-7600.

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