Friday, March 26, 2010

The Donnas

At 17, the Donnas still best friends

It’s hard to believe but the Donnas, the eternally precocious, glammy hard rockers, are about to turn 17. No, not the band members, the actual band. Formed in 1993 in Palo Alto, Calif., the band’s joyfully youthful hard-rock records flipped the testosterone-heavy energy of bands like KISS and AC/DC on its head.

“I can remember everything about it so it doesn’t seem like it was 12 years ago,” guitarist Allison Robertson says of their first national tour. “That was the first time we’d ever done that long of a trip.

We were straight out of high school. We weren’t popular in high school, and all of a sudden we were friends with bands and meeting people every night.”

A lot of bands that form in high school don’t have such lengthy runs.

“Bands break up or change members because they don’t like each other or someone leaves or there’s some kind of argument or animosity. I think part of the reason we’ve lasted so long is because we’re just friends, and we don’t really try to be something we’re not,” Robertson says. We were never like, ‘We’re gonna be rock stars!’ Maybe I thought that when I was, like, 7, and I was obsessed with David Lee Roth. Whenever something good happens to us, we think of it as really good luck.”


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