Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Odd Blood
Secretly Canadian
An unfamiliar listener coming in cold to Yeasayer’s second full-length album probably wouldn’t make it too much further than the opener, “The Children.’’ It’s a choppy, dirge-like downer, the soundtrack to a spooky submarine’s descent into the abyss in cinematic slow motion. But it would be a tragic mistake to abandon ship on this avant-pop Brooklyn trio just before the fun starts. First single “Ambling Alp’’ is an exuberant charge of bliss slowed down to a world-beat rhythm replete with echoing drum triggers, fluorescent synth-riffs, African percussion, and an uplifting lyric: “Stick up for yourself, son/ Never mind what anyone else done.’’ It’s good advice, even if the band doesn’t seem to have taken it; the record is rotten with referents, from kraut rock to ’80s shoulder-pad-and-hairspray pop. “Madder Red’’ is all stuttering reverb and otherworldly tribal gospel vocals pulled straight from the Peter Gabriel wheelhouse. “O.N.E.’’ shares a lyrical hook with the like-minded Peter Bjorn and John’s “It Don’t Move Me’’ but manages to one-up the quirky party-pop Swedes - and pretty much everything else coming out lately in terms of sheer fun.

Boston Globe

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