Monday, February 15, 2010

Adam Green

Adam Green
Minor Love
Fat Possum

It’s hard to trust a prolific musician. If something comes that easily, it doesn’t seem earned. It doesn’t help when the artist’s entire shtick is built on two-minute song sketches that seem thrown together on the way out to the bodega to grab smokes. That’s the essence of an Adam Green record: casual, disinterested, observational humor set to lo-fi rock accompaniment that somehow, against all odds, still ends up being utterly compelling. On “Minor Love,’’ Green’s sixth solo record, he proves adept as ever traversing through the American popular songbook and filtering his findings through a hazy stoner’s smog of absurdity. “Lockout’’ drops mariachi horns and a relatively distorted guitar riff into the mix in the closest approximation of a rousing party song here. “Boss Inside’’ is a troubadour torch song with a foreboding fingerpicked guitar progression and compelling folk-tale narrative tempered by Green’s slouching, flat affect. It would be boring to continue to dismiss Green as an ironist, but it still seems like a big put-on. So what? Maybe he’s simply been through the looking glass and is dutifully reporting back to us earthlings on his travels. As ever, he’s a worthy ambassador.

Boston Globe

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