Monday, January 18, 2010


In This Light And On This Evening

Tough market for the UK’s poor guitar players these days. With the current electro explosion, there’s almost no need for them anymore. On Editors’ latest and third album, there’s nary a guitar riff to be heard. Instead vocalist Tom Smith’s brooding dark-wave character sketches are carried along on a flood of liquid synths. Dirty propulsive bass and disco beats still drive the songs, but it’s a departure from the band’s early, stunning work. It’s also a huge bummer. “Darling, just don’t put down your guns yet/ If there really was a god here/ He’d have raised a hand by now,’’ Smith sings in his hangman’s baritone over the hook of “Papillon.’’ Let’s dance to that! On the title track, a percussive Morse code riff adds to the album’s dystopian tone - like the band is sending off secret messages underground through a desolated landscape. The message? That Editors - who, to some, are just another entry in the UK’s search for its own Interpol - aren’t content to ride out the diminishing returns of that post-punk disco apocalypse.

Boston Globe

Editors perform at the House of Blues on Feb. 18.

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