Tuesday, December 1, 2009


California screamers have delved deep into the ’80s to bring back a type of song you thought you might never hear outside of the roller rink

Nearly everything from the ’80s has been brought back by this point. But the quintessential power ballad has remained mostly on the sidelines. Not for Newport Beach, California screamers Saosin.

Their hit “You’re Not Alone” from the 2006 self titled debut was a direct line between the thrashing metal and hardcore riffing of the Warped Tour set and the lighter waving sentimentality of ’80s hair metal weepers. Tracks like “It’s All Over Now” and the expansive, eight-minute ballad “Fireflies” from the band’s latest “In Search of Solid Ground” continue in that sensitive vein.

“I feel like a lot of bands are scared of doing it,” bassist Chris Sorenson says. “There’s this whole tough guy aspect that revolves around the genre, or one side of the genre I guess. But we’re just huge fans of that stuff. If we love those types of songs why should we not pay tribute to that style? Especially in the late ’80s, as crappy as some of those songs were, there were some really, really good songs. It’s kind of weird to see your typical hardcore kid in the pit, then when ‘You’re Not Alone’ comes on him and his buddies are singing it the loudest. I guess that’s proof that there’s room for songs like that.”
‘In Search of ...’ a balance

On the new album, Sorenson says the band tried to strike the right balance between the two extremes of their scorching metal style and pop aspirations.

“I feel like the most important thing for us is that if we’re going for a more harder edge song we incorporate some of those pop elements and vice versa. If we’re going for more of a pop song we incorporate the technical aspects of the riffs. If a song is good, it doesn’t really matter what type of song it is.”


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