Thursday, January 22, 2009


‘Hang the DJ’ more than just a Smiths lyric, it’s a down and dirty dance night

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years, it’s all about indie and rock dance nights in Boston now.

At popular parties Throwed, Circus, Make it New and So Dope!, to name just a few, the DJ is the rock star, and the kids are going bananas on the floor.

Andrew Riker started the monthly party Banger with his partner Eric Perini last winter, he says, "because we wanted to bring something new to Boston’s nightlife scene in an underground venue that could hold a large amount of people.”

The pair also run Paper at Harper’s Ferry. And because they hold Banger in the relatively gritty environs of the The Middle East Downstairs, it gives the party a more rock ‘n’ roll edge.

“It differs from most ‘club’ atmospheres and is more of a gritty and wilder venue,” says Riker.

So exactly who are the people that are coming to Banger?

“Everyone from the collegiate, indie, hipster, rockers, hip-hop heads, tech-nophiles, fashion fanatics and club kids,” says Riker.

Riker says newbs should also not expect a posh dress code like some dance nights: “People tend to not care so much about what they are wearing and more on the chaos that happens.”

Also unlike other club nights, the DJs play every style of music.

“Electro to indie rock to top 40 remixes to hip-hop to mashups to house,” Riker lists. “And the special guest DJs we book have their own styles.”

Friday, the pair has a new idea called “Hang the DJ,” where five of Boston’s different cliques and their respective DJs battle it out with their own unique styles.

“All have great experience and I’m really excited what kind of stuff everyone is going to play,” Riker says, promising “$800 in cash prizes go to whoever gets the crowd going.”

Cash prize or not, Riker says he thinks the DJ dance party scene has grown exponentially: “In the past two years you’ve seen tons of new parties sprout. It’s really a good thing for nightlife in Boston for everyone looking to have a good time going out.”

Banger: ‘Hang the DJ’
Friday, 9 p.m.
Middle East Downstairs
472 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
MBTA: Red Line to Central
$10, 617-864-EAST

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